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Hi friends, It was a long time since I had taken the time to share a tip with you :). It will be done today.

This tip is native to WordPress, but is very little known to CMS users and I added some small features that will make you happy. Thus I propose to automatically display your users a nice waiting page during the update process of your website. This will concern the update of the theme, your plugins and, of course, WordPress. Indeed I find ugly, unprofessional and even somewhat “scary” this blank page that WordPress generates as soon as the update process started.

We will replace it with a page with a random image * (why not your own logo 🙂 ? ), A background color (also random) * and an information text that will indicate to users that the website is in progress update and they only have to wait 20 seconds to display the content again.
In fact, as you know, our visitors are rarely patient but if we ask them a little “indulgence” to be able to display them what they came for, usually they wait :).
* These “settings”, image(s) and background-color(s) have to be edited (if you wish to) by yourself to fit your needs in the file “maintenance.php” that I have made available to you a little below ;).

So in addition to all that, I propose 3 small cherries on the cake:

  1. A small countdown scrolling and indicating the time remaining to wait,
  2. a script that automatically displays the page that had been requested by the user (whatever it is :)).
  3. a server header “503 service unavailable” to inform the search engines of a temporary (and clean) unavailability of the server and telling them to come back within 5 minutes :).

That’s it, I think we went around our trick of the day. I now leave you the task of downloading the file and adapting it to your needs.

PS. Of course, if for one reason or another your updates are not finished after the 20 seconds of the countdown, the page reloads itself and restarts its timer to finalize the process.

For all this to work, simply place the file “maintenance.php” in the “wp-content” folder of your WordPress.

Download the file


If you wish to help me to make this blog alive, you can make a donation, below :).


Après avoir visité les coulisses, découvrez le site :) !

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Accueil » Server » Tools » Display a cool waiting page during the update process
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